Sunday, August 22, 2010

A tryst with materials and uncertainty

An inhibitive approach, a confused entrant in a lab filled with materials...

Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Paper...clips, pins, fevicol, scissors...

left over yarns, threads and spiral wires....A few months ago, I would have had goosebumps at the very thought of it...

I used to avoid making anything tangible...not that I could sketch it, but making it solid was beyond consideration...prototyping was equivalent to life imprisonment...bad skills at softwares was no propelling factor to even make an attempt at hand skills...

The catalyst to my daredevilry were a few extra curricular reasons where I finally decided to take the plunge... Being blessed with an interesting paraphernalia of materials in our lab at the institute, I ventured into models/forms/objects whatever term may be most appropriate...

And this is when I made my little discovery (for my own good that is) : the biggest success came my way when I had absolutely no clue as to what the outcome would be...I just experimented and explored, at times giving shape to a sensitivity that was earlier purely two dimensional. I learnt a lot during the process, the wonders of a pin here or a clip there, combining different media and techniques, color combinations, paints, ink, a fold here a cut there...It would be vain to say that the output was exceptional but would also be thoroughly unfair to undermine those attempts...

I have been able to overcome my fear and reluctance...

A few weeks post those experiments, we were to work with thermocol...I had always detested it and had never used it...but thanks to the earlier adventures I was open to it...We were to attempt at a preconceived form...but after that was the real learning...I sat peacefully in the night and filed some waste thermocol to reach a form that I had not even vaguely imagined when I started. The pressures of hand, the variations in sand paper, and above all the thoughts in mind while the hands move on a material...helped me reach a form that though mediocre if judged by a panel, for me did great justice to my newly acquired inquisitiveness.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rhetoric of disgust

If you couldn't help me, why should I help you?
If you are not famous, why should I know you?

Selfish and cunning are basically smart
Poor with rich is juxtaposition, its a montage, an art

Being sensitive and emotional is wasting your time
Go GO earn money!! (now how do i make this one rhyme?)

Its fine if I meet my parents once in  a year
As long as I send then stale flowers through internet , and tell them I CARE

I will mock at those who cant use the machines of our making
I will sit in AC, while the bird dies in my balcony, no water for drinking...

I dont care about the bomb blast, I wasn't killed!
I will watch the news about the minister's girlfriend, and eat my sandwich grilled

I am disgusting and I love myself
Dont hate me, I am but your ownself...

Monday, April 19, 2010


Like balloons that can burst at any moment , our faces are grotesque masses that inflate and deflate in alternating moments of stress and relief. We are but cartoons of our own making.

My only learning and advice (if any takers) is BEAT THE STRESS.
DONT take out  frustration on other innocent beings and fellow victims ...Do EVEN BETTER..
 take it out on the culprit itself---- MR/MS. STRESS!

A few examples----
Stand in front of thr mirror and GROWL, imagining that the Stress is your prey- you will feel majestic

Try to slap the invisible STRESS in air, the best part is it can never slap you back

When eating food, imagine you are eating up stress (for pure vegetarians, imagine stress to be a vegetable)

These were just a few, I am sure you can come up with even better mechanisms

Good Luck

random 2

Canaletto must be enjoing the sights from above,
social osmosis as he casts his eye upon, must appear like a vast capriccio...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Read whatever comes your way, think, analyse, question, reason, find, accept, respect, tolerate, abandon, but read....if not ..then listen.....but grow....for growth is greater than stunted gains...growth surpasses all........

Friday, April 16, 2010

Are you ready to be transmitted?

" Experience the real India", "Straight from Punjab".....very soon we will have kitchens that will boast of being bathrooms and classrooms that will boast of being playgrounds...the sky is the limit they say...who knows earth may start depicting itself as the sky...

A is trying to give the experience of B ...making relentless efforts at transmitting  a person from state A to state B...but perhaps this is what each and every design does.....we try to transmit the user from one state of experience to it through an educational tool where one is exported to state of greater knowledge ..or be it a game for healing..where one is exported from someone suffering to someone who can understand teh suffering, confront it and overcome it....

Stressed? there are designs of spaces and products to make you reach  a state where you laugh or relax or burn it out....And then food joints...where you can just gulp it down....

At any moment of my life I am being exported from one state to another, and being assisted in this by the objects surrounding me and creating my world...

A big thankyou to my toys and games for having helped me in understanding this