Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rhetoric of disgust

If you couldn't help me, why should I help you?
If you are not famous, why should I know you?

Selfish and cunning are basically smart
Poor with rich is juxtaposition, its a montage, an art

Being sensitive and emotional is wasting your time
Go GO earn money!! (now how do i make this one rhyme?)

Its fine if I meet my parents once in  a year
As long as I send then stale flowers through internet , and tell them I CARE

I will mock at those who cant use the machines of our making
I will sit in AC, while the bird dies in my balcony, no water for drinking...

I dont care about the bomb blast, I wasn't killed!
I will watch the news about the minister's girlfriend, and eat my sandwich grilled

I am disgusting and I love myself
Dont hate me, I am but your ownself...

1 comment:

  1. a refinement of its own kind.. simply o'sm.. :)