Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food and Relationships

If ever I were to win someone's heart, I would do it with food...

Ranging from the most exotic to the most fingerlicious butterlicious Or even Gheelicious

Food I announce, is the elixir of relationships

I cannot possibly erase food from any of the memorable moments spent with family or friends, somehow food just finds its way in..or maybe food has always been there and the rest just fits in

Lunchbreaks in school : Hands snatching at the last bit left of that Aloo Parantha or cold maggie, mouths stuffed, stomachs growling, stained neckties and happy hearts.....friends united

Tuitions: The poor packet of Chips (or more so hot air) being transferred from hand to hand, followed by strictly one sip each of Mountain Dew, Somehow the hands kept increasing, the packet never returned to its starting point...

College: Maggie Anda was the new Daal Chawal with the Chutney of gossip...'Ya, ..munch as I said, she actually said this you know!...ek bite dena zara.."

Chai before momos..followed by juice and perhaps momos again , was anything but normal when important things on mind ..such as : "Oh I forgot to tell you, you are supposed to wash your utensils"...."But I have already washed mine!!"....."No, No, you havn't..all the rice is stuck on to your plates!"...."But I dont eat rice!!!!"..."Arrey you eat your momos na! we'll see later....have you paid the bill?'.."Bill? Which bill?"

After Date: " Oh we had the most awesome time together! We went to this all night cafe and had thsi most amazing mousse and chocolate blah and hazelnut blah and then drank the most exotic blah at the most romantic swimming pool side...and there their special chef prepared this blah...and decorated it with a heart....and his sister sent these swiss chocolates for me and blah......."..

you almost feel that it is a food monster babbling in front of you....

Returning home after training of four months:  "Oh It feels so good to be back home..sigh...I had my favorite badam milk in bed, then i had this awesome gobhi parantha with butter, mom made halwa for me, then i even had kheer because tayiji sent it for me, oh you must try the pickle my buaji makes, and then I had butter chicken at dhabha with my childhood buddy and had this amazing paan with papa....I really missed home....."

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