Friday, March 5, 2010

Is something missing?

Little Raghav was found masturbating, his mother threatened him with dire consequences on repetition of the activity, the boy grew up considering it to be a dirty act, something to shy away from, to be secretive about.

Raghav was now 12 years of age, he was sent to a boarding school. Sexual explorations, queries about pubertal changes were met by either warden's strict adherence to rules or seniors' unhealthy understanding and games on sexuality.

When 18, Raghav went to college, had his first dating relationship and had absolutely no clue of appropriate sexual behavior. Deep inside he had a fear that he might end up doing something that his girlfriend might find dirty just as his mother did. Contradicting the fear was his unmet desire to explore sexuality as a growing man...........

Little Pallavi saw a packet of sanitary napkins and asked her father what it was. With visible discomfort, he said she would learn as she grows up.

When Pallavi started with her menstruation cycle at school, her mother was embarrassed in explaining to her how babies are more could she tell that swans dropped them..... As years passed, Pallavi wondered why waxed feet were linked with longer skirts and trousers...

As a young working woman, she went on a holiday with the man she loved, Raghav. She was unsure of  sex before marriage.... She feared that asking her mother would mean an early marriage. She was embarrassed in asking her best friend whether contraceptives actually work, and thought that emergency pills were just as good....Unfortunately Raghav was no help either.....

Three months later they got married. Raghav had forgotten (he said so) to carry condoms. Pallavi was too sceptical of contraceptive pills. Pallavi left her job on maternal leave.


  1. At times I understand why we need to shoo about things, but most of the times I don't.
    This is an excerpt from my private post a month back,
    "How much do people shy away from things? What is it that none of us haven't seen? We all are rowing in the same boat of lives ups and downs.
    What is privacy really about? What is called doing things in good faith? Sometimes I hate myself... and at other times I like something about me. But, guess what? We are not done yet."

  2. a time will come when these questionable constructs will have to be broken..then people shall actually live