Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who is to blame?

It is but so convenient to put the blame on the other. Whom would you like to blame?

Debate Topic in school:     Is the education system to blame for increasing pressure on  children?

Television Talk Show:       Is Reality Television responsible for increasing suicides?

Radio Discussion:             Why do girls wear salwars underneath T-Shirts?

Facebook Chat:               Why is everyone joining this Aircel Campaign, what do they do (joining it 


Traffic Jam:                         Why do all these buggers drive a car when they can't..(CRASH) ?\

Evening Walks:                   These newage office goers, they strain their necks on laptops day and night, no

                                          fresh air! I made my daughter join her office gym !

Mobile:                              I don't know why my mobile gets discharged so quickly, no no tell me more, i

                                         have free talktime, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


  1. There is nobody to blame than to change our perception and start accepting things which we cannot change. Good and crap exists in every society.

    Debate Topic in school: Don't make your kids study there? Its not worth it.

    Television Talk Show: Are we becoming more sensitive and mindless?

    Radio Discussion: what the heck?

    Facebook Chat: Everybody does that to show that they are active users of facebook and not to show their national unity towards a cause? There are less donations happening in he he

    Traffic Jam: Learn to drive in the traffic.

    Evening Walks: New age teenagers are obsessed to money than life..make you kid to understand that we are working to live and not vice-versa. Problem solved

    Mobile: Its a mystery i couldn't understand.