Thursday, March 11, 2010


We said: W e can't simply make what we want to. We know what we are thinking is right, but we need to prove it. For we cannot be selfish, we want to satisfy a customer, consumer, user, buyer, an audience.

They say: Ok then, lets do a survey

We said: Yaay

They say: W e have done the survey, some audience wants a, some wants b, but none said so for c, and c is what u want to give.

We said: oh they cant even think of c, because c does not exist, c is an option that we have thot of, they will certainly love it.

They say: Prove it

We said: Lets do a workshop

They say: Excellent!!!

We did a workshop with prototype , for making the actual c is costly

We said: The workshop gave us some useful insights, now we are planning to make d.
 d = a+b+c

They say: Prove it!

We do another survey, another workshop and end up with e.


They say: Prove it!!

We come up with f.
f=e-a +Suggestions

They say: Prove it!!

It continues...when we reach z

we realize:

z = c

They laugh.........

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  1. We say: Art for art's sake, design for whose?
    They say everything but 'c' that is the truth.