Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democracy (taught in Civics in the prison called School)

Freedom of choice, the right and the confidence to take your own decisions....a little alien riding your bicycle....all of these seem equally incredulous and fragments of imagination in our society.

I want the street dog to trust me as I call for him and not to consider me another monster who would kick him.

I want my nephew to choose what he wants to learn and how he wants to learn.I cannot bear to see him sulking and vanishing in his agony.

I want my friends to have no fear of family, future, salaries, and prospective husbands/wives as they undertake their chosen fields.

I want my elders to be free of the pressures created by their neighbours' gossips, people's remarks/ judgements/comparisons, fear of illness/theft/cheating, and television.

I want people to know that they need money more to sustain themselves and their unique needs than to buy the riches that their counterparts might have.

I want the world to know that we are not obliged to anyone to live in the slavery  that we do.....that though there are many risks, fear is only making it worst for us....that though we take care of ourselves, we are irresponsible towards the rest.....and that the world is still a beautiful place if only we learn what really is democracy.

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