Friday, January 15, 2010

The notion of trust

I have this world... many a battles  against a very besettling notion that grips our social constructs which are unfortunately bejewelled with hypocrisy...and that is THE notion OF trust...

...Its alright to be has the power to somehow bear with it and move on to the somewhat easier and elating state of happiness and then i think its the easiest to suspect ....but thats another discussion for now lets focus on our varied notions of TRUST

Trust by far is the most difficult ego state I have come accross in my life.....both as an observer and the one being observed.......consider this:

When we say that "Yes, i trust you.." ..we say ..." Yes, I'll try hard to overlook all mistakes you just that.  .mistakes.... and I wont suspect that you are attempting to kill me....and I remind myself  atleast a 100 times a week that  you are to be trusted with my peace of mind...and if you prove my trust wrong I shall spend another 100 hours at telling myself that you were never trustworthy and that I were a fool...and then probably another 100 months at telling myself that I am to trust my decision of trusting someone else..".....

When we say "please trust me"...we say.."Please trust me so that I can spend every nanosecond in making sure that I dont do anything that would make you feel that I am not to be trusted because I find it hard to trust whether you actually trust me..and at times I feel that you trust the other friend more than you trust me..because I cant trust you to be only trusting me..and I need you to trust me for atleast a billion days so that I can start trusting you after that...."

Both these states require a very systematic and exhaustive synnergy through sensorial experiences to be able to achieve that state of me if you can!!


  1. 2nd last para is hilarious!!!
    :) :) :)
    realy gud ;)

  2. really nice! i just loved it.........:D