Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learning through Relations

A few months ago, I was sitting and having a lively chat with my nephew when suddenly I changed the topic to his school. He told me he hated it and that many of his teachers used illogical techniques to teach....I tried to defy his school, cheating my own self, hiding my own agony over institutionalized systems, all in vain.

"Why should I write a word 100 times when i misspelled it just once....does she think I wont repeat the mistake this way? I wont, for I hate the word so much now that I wont use it." said that little boy of 11....I had no answer.

He came to meet me some weeks after that, and picked up an Illustrated book on Birds, followed by a Graphic Novel on making Graphic Novels..and read silently...quite unlike his usual fits of temper when forced to prepare for the neverending Tests. We discussed the queries that sprouted from his inquisitiveness, created by the medium and the relationship that we share.

This incident reminded me of the time he had acted for a movie I had made on children. All that I told him was that I trusted him, and he did a marvellous job along with his friends. They themselves planned many scenes and their facial expressions were nothing less than remarkable.Ten year old boys, who had never really acted before. They were not my nephew's friends that day, they were my partners, and we made a movie together!

Isn't it true, that we end up learning a lot about life itself when in the company friends or people we are comfortable with?

When the fear of the other person being superior/judgemental/authoritative is gone and respect and trust are established, learning becomes a desire/a subconscious happening/an active participation/ something natural.

The learning itself becomes a part fo relationship just like meeting and hugging and sharing secrets....

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