Monday, January 11, 2010

Toys are they?

I started my journey with Toys as my accomplice and they have been loyal still...but what I was wondering today was whether my connection with toys is similar to those that others have...and I realized a few things--
We all interact with any object or being in a unique manner that deviates not just with age and gender and other physical aspects but moreso with our psychological being...

I have always believed in the intrinsic communication that takes place between objects and humans just as it does between animals and humans...If you treat your instrument remains loyal...if you don' shall betray you when you need it the most....a basic principle yet so intriguing... until and unless you hit the stone crudely while being wont break your nail mercilessly.....

How we relate to an object or to a toy hence determines its reaction on us....The toy that i used to play with while creating an imaginary play today a being who shares my room...The presence of my toys with their varying characteristics and identities that I believe they possess..leaves me with a sense of belonging and devoid of ugly loneliness in the absence of other family members...I fel the warmth of life around me..
However the same toy could be a menace for my mother who would consider it a hindrance in her dusting schedules..

An acrobat (available in melas) that rests peacefully by my bedside would be of no use or satisfaction to my elder sibling...however an alien with wings is his accomplice who can hang in his car for holidays gallore..

A box shaped like a chick, being currently used to hold my mother's favorite mouthfreshners is indeed her toy, which gives her immense pleasure by not just its aesthetics but also its contents...

Toys are used..needed by all of some way or the other...I feel they are not limited to definitions or categories...They are the creations of not just hands and machines but of the minds of people who relate to them in their own ways