Thursday, January 21, 2010


Women all around the world have been victims of dangers on the streets. Fear is hence a global phenomena that manifests itself through the scorching eyes of many a men.

The great imbalance in justice causes victims or potential victims to safeguard their own selves through varied means. For the oppressers have no fear.

But what if the situation is turned arouund and the potential victim is not a victim anymore, and the oppresser harnesses fear?

There is a critical moment between  a man following a woman and a man raising his hand on a woman, That is the moment the ownership of power is established, generally with the oppresser. Before that, the oppresser and the woman are more or less at the same level.

What if at that moment, the woman instead of considering herself weak, stares the man in his eyes and tells herself that he cant harm her? If not complete safety, if not complete power, atleast a few moments of the man's bewilderment could give her an opportunity to reach a safer place.

What if a woman instead of accepting her physical weakness or her defeat, hits the man with all her might, bites him like a scavanger, or maybe rip apart his eye lash, or hair, or tear the ear just a bit........we tend to forget the immense pain their body can be inflicted with if we accept our victimization.

We are all powerful in our own ways, and if we accept this, maybe our survival instincts would keep us safer, atleast better than what the current state is....

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