Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Strong are those..who cry

"I hate it when someone cries in public"- A
"C always cried when she was a kid, ha ha ha"- B

Is crying a weakness?
Is expressing grief or mourning over something that causes pain, or disturbance..weakness?

"Yes"- echo

"No"- says I

Tears are the most healing and natural purgative available to mankind. We did not learn how to cry, we were born with it. What we did learn, was to hide it.

I have always cried when I felt the need to. I was mocked at, scolded and sympathsied with ....varying from person to person. All of these were wrong!

We generally don't cry for sympathy, and no one cries naturally to exhibit weakness...we cry to come to terms with a  difficult reality, to face it and to accept it, so that we can get strong enough to move ahead with it.

Those who repress it, as some of my male friends do, show symptoms of disturbance...they could get more irritable, break things, hurt themselves, hurt others...

I Love to give it all out...its an elating moment....

I'll share a personal experience...
When I was in school, I hated examinations, they were for me the most pressurizing times, for I would unnecessarily, make myself answerable to the whole world through my performance.
Since I hated them so much, I obviously never prepared for them in adavance, which led to a massive burden on the eve of the examination.
For a little girl, it was indeed an enormous bundle of tention and grief, and I would cry to release it, to accept it.
It resulted in me feeling extremely light and generally happier, and then having acceptyed the reality I would simply sit down to study with all my energies focussed at one place. The result: Good Performance.

No matter, how much people scoffed at it, and called me weak, I never stopped crying, if i felt the need to ease myself through it.

However now that I am 21, I at times try to stop myself from crying, which I did a few months back when I was faced with many upheavels and sudden changes. I told myself,  I wont cry, there is no need. I detached my being from my psyche, the result: I was most irritable and fighting with almost everybody, without being able to understand why?

One night, I asked myself, to redo all the events that had distrubed me months ago in my mind, and silently cried.....
I am at peace now and working happily.
I am much more in control and am dealing well with life, for tears don't weaken, at times they help to get stronger.

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